Fine Art Photography

by Claas Michalik

About me

Hallo, my name is Claas Michalik and I am a photographer based in Leverkusen (near Cologne) in Germany.

I started a part-time business as photographer in 2005 - mainly focusing on portrait, fashion and nude photography. While I was gaining more and more expertise and professionalism in my photography "hobby", my true profession as chemical engineer started demanding more of my time over the last years, which led to the decision to stop my part-time business in 2010. Now - ten years later - in addition to my job I also have to (and love to ;-) take care of my two little daughters, such that my time for photography is pretty limited. Nevertheless, I try to increase my skills, now focusing on landscape photography. I would be happy, if you like my photos. If you do so, feel free to leave a message. Also, some of my photos are available as fine art prints - if you are interest, please send me a message via the contact page.